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Members and Leaders of REBOOT

Rethinking Ethical Behavior Online for (self) Ownership Together

The Ethics Institute's REBOOT program is a unique initiative led by students for students that empowers them to take charge of their digital lives. Informed by existing research on the negative impacts that social media and technology is having on children and teens, REBOOT aims to foster community-wide shifts in how students and families engage with technology.  The program will provide a process for students to make data-informed and ethically-minded decisions to support their social and emotional well-being.  

REBOOT in Action


Dr. Karen Rezach
Director of the Ethics Institute 

Kim Pearson
Director of Technology

Alicia Regnault
Ed Tech & Support Specialist

REBOOT student leaders engage with and educate the community in a variety of ways. The 2022-2023 committee members are:

  • Sophia C. '23, Community Engagement Lead
  • Molly D. '23, Outreach Lead
  • Margo D. '23, Podcast Lead
  • Angela H. '25
  • Elizabeth K. '23
  • Scarlette L. '25, Mentoring Lead
  • Luna M. '23, Case Study Writing Lead
  • Catherine P. '23, Podcast Lead
  • Olivia S. '23, Mentoring Lead
  • Emily S. '23
  • Mackenzie T. '23, Podcast Lead
  • Ishani W. '23

A special thanks to our collaborating partners and experts:

  • Rosalinda Markels P '19 '23
  • Max Stossel
  • Dr. James Sherer