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School Programming

Our interactive and developmentally-sensitive ethics programs provide students and teachers with the opportunity to engage in complex thinking about issues that matter.

Our curriculum is student-centered and emergent in nature, so as to empower both students and teachers to apply the skills of ethical thinking and decision making to their own unique contexts. Our school programs aim to reach a young student’s heart and mind, and thereby educate the whole child. We believe that children who receive an ethical education today will become adults who have the courage to lead tomorrow.

We provide:

  • Stand-alone courses for K–12 students
  • Easily integrated push-in activities for all subject areas
  • Extra-curricular and enrichment programs
  • Assemblies and workshops for students
  • Ethics Bowl opportunities for middle and high school students
  • Project-based learning competitions and showcases
  • Community service opportunities
  • Cross school collaborations and courses

 Why ethics?

  • Build character, critical thinking skills, and self-awareness through practicing the ethical decision making process
  • Cultivate confidence and public speaking skills by dialoguing about complex and nuanced issues with others
  • Develop independence, empathy and leadership skills by navigating real-world ethical dilemmas and interactive projects



Check back soon for our list of programs and curriculum available for purchase. 

In the meantime, please contact us through our inquiry form if you are interested in purchasing any material highlighted on our website.