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Consulting, Coaching & Training

Once we understand the culture and essence of your school community, we are best able to address your most pressing concerns, support what you already do well, and tackle the challenges your school community faces.

All student workshops and teacher training are customized to meet the specific needs of your team or school. Additionally, we provide one-on-one coaching services for administrators and teachers. If you need support in navigating an ethical issue at your school, we’re here to help guide you through the decision making process! If you are looking to fine-tune your facilitation practices, we can provide observations and one-on-one coaching to help you develop key pedagogical strategies for your context.

The Ethics Institute at Kent Place has supported the following schools in bringing ethics to their community:

  • “Ethics and Social Media,” KPS, Bryn Mawr School, Parent and Student Workshop
  • “Why Ethics? Challenges of the 21st Century,” Bryn Mawr School
  • “The Right and Left Wings are Both Parts of the Same Bird,” KPS Parent Workshop
  • “Respect Week,” Lincoln Hubbard School Anti-bullying Workshop
  • “Ethics and Empathy in a Household of Smartphones,” Bryn Mawr Parent Workshop
  • “Girls' Leadership Institute Ethics Workshop,” Upper and Middle School, KPS
  • “Ethics and the Non-Profit Board,” NJ Junior Women’s League
  • “Alexa, How do I Use Technology Ethically?” Delbarton School, NJAIS
  • “Ethics in Action: STEM for Humanity Summer Institute," KPS student program
  •  “Senior Ethics Workshop,” Seminar, KPS
  • “The Best a Man Can Get: 'Toxic Masculinity,'” KPS Parent Workshop
  • “The Right Choice,” Webinar for Girl Scouts USA
  • “World Changing Words,” Webinar for Girl Scouts USA
  • “Navigating Difficult Conversations: Knowing Your Triggers and What To Do About Them,” Webinar for Girls Scouts of New Jersey
  • “A Return to Civil Discourse,” NJAIS, Purnell School,
  • "Ethics & Diversity: Picture Books for Social Justice," CUNY Teacher Training Series


Please contact us through our inquiry form if you are interested in engaging us for consultation services.