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Training and Curriculum

We recognize that by expanding and sharing the programs developed by the Ethics Institute at Kent Place, we can have a beneficial and practical impact on school communities across the country and beyond. 

We host workshops geared towards faculty, administrators, advisory program coordinators, coaches, school psychologists, board members and leadership teams, to learn about our ethical decision-making model. The Ethics Institute offers professional development workshops that tackle current challenges in the world of education and help participants apply their learning in meaningful and immediate ways.

We also offer professional development workshops to schools and organization that are interested in learning about ethics, wish to incorporate ethical-decision making processes, and find ways to examine important topics through an ethical lens.


Our fun and developmentally-sensitive programs give students the tools and framework to feel empowered to develop their own sense of values with which they can make competent and thoughtful ethical decisions. Making ethically thoughtful decisions is a character strength that all students need the opportunity to develop. 



Every educational community is unique, so getting to know the schools we work with is a top priority. Once we understand the culture and essence of your school community, we are best able to address your most pressing concerns, support what you already do well, and tackle the challenges your school community faces.