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High School Ethics Bowl

Team Work. Collaboration. Quick Thinking. 

The National High School Ethics Bowl, sponsored by the Parr Center for Ethics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is an annual competition in which teams of students from all over the country participate first in regional competitions and then, if they qualify, on a national level.

The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School collaborates with the KPS Upper School to provide coaching, resources, and logistics support for teams of KPS students participating in the National High School Ethics Bowl.

The Bowl is inspired by the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, a college-level ethics bowl operating nationwide since 1996.


"I was so impressed by our team’s ability to stay calm throughout the entire process, and to persevere even through difficult judges’ questions. It’s amazing what the team was able to accomplish even within three minutes in the conferral rooms, and even more amazing that we were able to maintain the high quality of performance throughout the grueling eight hours.”  -Anyra, Upper School

Our Ethics Bowl Team is on fire!

Congratulations to the Kent Place School Ethics Bowl team for winning the 2022 NYC-NJ High School Ethics Bowl competition. Kent Place remains the New Jersey champion. We are also ranked #4 in the nation in the High School Ethics Bowl.