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Ethics in Action

Bringing ethical decision-making and design thinking to life in high schools across the country. 

The Ethics in Action program is a remarkable educational opportunity for middle school and high school students and their teachers. This program combines the study of ethics with the practice of design thinking. Throughout the program, teams will have opportunities to virtually collaborate with one another. Participating schools will create teams of students and teacher/mentors who together will engage in human-centered design to tackle challenges in our local communities.


  • Learn ethics, the design process, data collection, analysis, and decision-making skills
  • Develop a robust and empathetic understanding of the importance of good health and well-being for everyone, and the inequities that exist in society
  • Build an awareness of the problem locally, interview stakeholders, brainstorm solutions, iterate ideas and present final solutions at the Virtual Design Expo
  • Have opportunities to connect with other teams throughout the program, learning about local problems in other communities
  • Enhance ethical awareness around issues of health, equity, and social justice


  • Attend a one-day online professional development session before the program begins
  • Be provided with materials and lessons, as well as ongoing support throughout the entire process
  • Network with teachers and experts in ethics and design-thinking






What Happens in Ethics and Action?


Ethics in Action will be back for the 2022-2023 academic year. More details to follow.

Measure Often, Cut Once

The threat from COVID-19 caused many schools and offices to install plexiglass shields to reduce the spread of virus particles. As the emergency fades and the shields come down, though, what happens to the piles of plastic? Five Kent Place students took up this question through the Ethics Institute at Kent Place’s Ethics in Action program.

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