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Ethical Conversation Cards for Middle School

The Ethical Conversation Cards for Middle School students present relevant, real-world middle-school dilemmas with guiding questions on the back that are centered around values.

The cards are made to initiate ethical thinking, discussion, and reflection in the classroom, at home with family members, and as individuals. It's the perfect addition to your Middle School Advisory Program or Homeroom Activities!

The Ethical Conversation Cards for Middle School students were developed by Kent Place student Claire Cherill '26 in consultation with the Ethics Institute.

"I hope that these cards can be used to help inspire ethical conversations for people who do not usually want or have the opportunity to engage in ethics," says Claire. "Whether people are initially interested in ethics or not, it’s a great thinking exercise and something anyone should be able to apply to their life. Having guiding values and questions will hopefully encourage students to consider different perspectives than they usually would and push their thinking."



  • The program comes with one card set in an individual bag for $189; additional sets are $69/each
  • Each card set includes: 35 cards, organized by use by Grades 6, 7, 8
  • An Online Learning Platform, where you will access:
    • Training materials with video guides (train on your own time, asynchronous)
    • Proposed schedule for advisory roll-out
    • Additional bank of scenarios that is added to yearly by our MS students and faculty
    • Support services: Q&A forum for chat card schools and EIKPS staff. Work through ideas on how to use these cards at your school and any suggestions on how to overcome any challenges you face

If you are interested in purchasing this program, please email

The chat card scenarios apply to their real-lives, so for 6th-graders, it's quite engaging! I've seen some really thoughtful discussions, as the kids generally enjoy these conversations and I'm often surprised at how deep they can get. The values-based discussion questions really help!
—Lead Teacher, 6th-Grade Advisory