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Bioethics Project

Student presenting at the Bioethics Symposium.

A student-driven research program in partnership with Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

The Bioethics Project is a signature program of The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School, where selected students engage in scholarly research and present on a pertinent topic in bioethics. A first-of-its-kind program in secondary schools, The Bioethics Project is modeled after The Hastings Center’s hallmark research methodology which emphasizes the importance of bringing stakeholders and experts together to explore the ethical and social implication of a given bioethical issue. Students are paired with mentors from Georgetown University’s Kennedy Institute of Ethics who provide guidance on the broadest aspects of students’ individual topics, and the ethical framework which must be taken into consideration throughout the research and writing processes. The contribution that the students make to the field of ethics is then shared through presentations at the annual Bioethics Project Symposium which is open to the public. The finished research papers are then published on the Bioethics Project website

Thank you to our program partner, The Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

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"The Medical Industrial Complex: Healthcare in 2023"

Check back for information about the April 2024 Bioethics & Academic Symposium.

Past Project Topics