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BEE: Be Ethical Everywhere

Meet Beatrice the Ethical Bee and all of her friends in our Primary School Be Ethical Everywhere (BEE) Program.

The Be Ethical Everywhere (BEE) program is a K-3 primary school ethics curriculum that teaches students how to make ethical decisions. Students learn with Beatrice how to identify and apply values in everyday situations in order to become ethical leaders and community members.

The BEE program includes:

  • Story: K-2 picture book with illustrations
  • Teaching Manual: vocabulary sets, discussion questions, activities, facilitation strategies and examples
  • Manipulatives: Bee Talking Ball, Build a Hive for Values, Ethical Decision Making Flower, Recording of two songs with printable lyrics ("Ethical Bee" and "Ethical Flower")
  • Extended Activities: STEM, Art, English Language Arts (ELA)
Bee Ethics Everywhere Book Cover

Bring the BEE Program to Your School

I appreciate how the BEE: Be Ethical Everywhere program provides many enjoyable opportunities for students to learn about ethics and ethical decision making. The children are always excited to find out the further adventures of Beatrice the Bee. This program gives students a voice to describe their feelings about important concepts like kindness, responsibility, and cooperation.
- BEE Teacher