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Bioethics for High School Students

Photo of DNA strands

The Bioethics Project for High School Students: Being Human in a Brave New World

“What is the value of life?” 
“What does it mean to be human?” 
“When does life begin?”
“When does life end?”  
“Who decides?” 

If questions like these pique your interest and spark your imagination, invest a week this summer exploring them (and many others) with experts in the fields of bioethics, medicine, religion, public policy, law and the humanities. “Being Human in a Brave New World” is an interactive, discussion-driven course adapted from The Ethics Institute’s nationally-known signature program, The Bioethics Project.  You will be introduced to the foundational principles of bioethics and The Ethics Institute’s Ethical Decision-Making Method. You will use these tools to analyze and discuss real-life situations and cases, and you will be continuously challenged to answer the ultimate question: Just because we “can” do something, “should” we? 

Meet the Facilitators


Day 1

  • Introduction to Ethics 
  • Introduction to Bioethics
  • Introduction to Medical Professionalism

Day 2      

  • What is life? What is the value of life? Who decides?
  • The Principle of Autonomy
  • Medical Decision-Making Capacity, Competence and Consent
  • What is Paternalism?
  • Understanding Substituted Judgment

Day 3      

  • Religion and Bioethics        
  • What is a “Parent?”
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • Gestational Surrogacy
  • Biological Wills
  • Savior Siblings

Day 4        

  • Medical Aid in Dying; A Global Issue
  • The Principle of Justice
  • Allocation of Scarce Resources

Day 5        

  • The Principles of Beneficence and Non-Maleficence
  • Bioethics at the Bedside:  Ethics in Daily Medical and Hospital Practice 
  • Bioethics and Medical Humanities

*This schedule may change as we get closer to the program.


DATES:  July 15–19, 2024
9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

WHO: Rising 9th through 12th-grade students

LOCATION: Kent Place School, Summit, NJ
Field Trip

TUITION: $915, includes field trip, lunch, and snacks