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EIKPS Summer

Join Us in the Summer

We offer summer intensive programs for Middle and Upper Schools students to educate and empower them to engage in conversation and debate, and apply ethics and ethical decision-making in meaningful ways. 

For Summer 2024, we will be offering one coed Bioethics program for high school students and one for Kent Place students enrolled in our Bioethics course.

Bioethics for High School Students: Being Human in a Brave New World

“Being Human in a Brave New World” is an interactive, discussion-driven course for rising 9th-12th students adapted from The Ethics Institute’s nationally-known signature program, The Bioethics Project.  

July 15–19, 2024

Bioethics Summer Program

The Bioethics summer program is a mandatory component of the Kent Place Bioethics class. Students will explore the ethical considerations within global health issues currently impacting our world.