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EIKPS Summer

Join Us in the Summer

We offer summer intensive programs for Middle and Upper Schools students to educate and empower them to engage in conversation and debate, and apply ethics and ethical decision-making in meaningful ways.
Please note summer programs are open on a rotating basis.

Ethics and Economics

The Ethics and Economics Program invites rising 9-12 grade students to explore what happens when ethics and economics meet by focusing on the intersection of government and business.

June 26-30, 2023

Ethics and the Arts

The Ethics and the Arts summer program invites rising 7-12 grade students from throughout New Jersey to engage in a creative and innovative summer experience that will teach the foundations of ethics and ethical thinking through hands-on art-making guided by professional artists and trained ethicists.

July 10-14, 2023

Bioethics Summer Program

The Bioethics summer program is a mandatory component of the Kent Place Bioethics class. Students will explore the ethical considerations within global health issues currently impacting our world.

June 12-22, 2023 (M-TH)

Summer Educator Programs

Ethical Entrepreneurship

This one-week program combines ethics, product design, and entrepreneurship to help build the skills to become socially responsible leaders who can take an idea from incubation to creation.

This program will not run in Summer 2023.

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

This program engages participants in learning about the multi-faceted ways in which artificial intelligence touches our lives and is posed to change the future. We will learn from various experts in the field about the ethical issues presented by artificial intelligence around the topics such as consumerism, communication, medicine, cyber security and law. 

This program will not run in Summer 2023.