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Parents and Families

In the form of workshops, discussion groups, and guest speaker visits, Ethics Institute scholars provide numerous learning opportunities per year to the Kent Place parent community and beyond. 

We provide various avenues for families and community members to consider and discuss important ethical issues. 


  • Ethics 101: Introduction to Ethics Education
  • The Ethical Decision Making Process
  • Standardized Testing: A Meaningful Measure or Time to Say Goodbye?
  • Environment and Health: The Ethics of People and Planet
  • Ethics and the Arts: What is Art? Who Owns It? What's its Meaning?


“Within an ever-changing world, the workshops clearly show that ethical decision making is and will be a constant within our lives. It helps us to bridge different cultures, religions, beliefs, and value systems. It is our responsibility as parents to pass this continuous learning process on to our children.”
- Nathalie Tiepoldt-Schmitz, KPS Parent


Are you a Kent Place School Family? Please reach out to our Ethics Institute Parent Liaisons to learn about upcoming parent events and other opportunities:

  • Zena Hardy P '26
  • Rosalinda Markels P '19, P '23
  • Nina Hallgren P ’33