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Faculty and Staff

Workshops, coaching, and curriculum development are a central part of the Ethics Institute inside and outside of Kent Place.

We lead professional workshops for all types of educators interested in incorporating ethics into their unique contexts. Teachers learn how to effectively facilitate difficult conversations and implement effective strategies to answer the often-asked question, "What do I do when a controversial or polarizing topic comes up in class?"


  • Civil Discourse: Navigating a Polarized Classroom
  • Digital Literacy - Using an Ethical Lens with Technology
  • Ethics Bowls: Tips & Tricks for Establishing an Ethics Bowl Team
  • Ethics in Advisories: Introducing Ethical Conversations as Student Support
  • "Be Well, Lead Well": Developing Ethical Leadership Skills in Girls
  • Building an Ethical Community in Your School


Faculty/Staff Workshop: Navigating Difficult Conversations
When: November 11 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m
Where: In person at Kent Place School

The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School invites K-12 faculty, staff, and administrators to participate in an interactive workshop that will help you navigate the ethical dilemmas in your workplace. We will focus on difficult topics. Participants will learn how to apply the Ethical Decision-Making Method to their own context by reflecting on past decisions and proactively planning for future decisions. This workshop will include an expert-led presentation and discussion, individual reflection, and small group brainstorming. At the end of this workshop, participants will leave with a deeper awareness of how their core values impact their decisions, how to align decisions with their institution's values and mission, as well as how to demonstrate ethical leadership by using their values to communicate decisions to other people.

Cost: $200 per person for non-KPS participants. 15 person capacity.