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Community Partnerships

We partner with numerous organizations to provide comprehensive and context-based ethics programming. Through our collaborations with industry leaders, educational institutions, and nonprofits, we put ethics into action.

The Ethics Institute puts ethics into action with partnerships and collaborations to provide cutting-edge and content-based ethical programming. For example, students learn about ethics issues within the medical field by listening to lawyers, doctors, and administrators from Overlook Medical Center and Atlantic Health Systems.

Strategic Partnerships have included:

  • Connect for Freedom (2023-present)
  • Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics (2014–present)
    • MOOC on Bioethics
    • Ethics in Action
    • Bioethics Project
  • Atlantic Health Systems - Bioethics at the Bedside Workshops (2010-present)
    • Overlook Hospital - Kerwin Bioethics Lectures, Ethics Committee Meetings
    • Morristown Memorial Hospital: Ethics Committee Meetings, Conferences
  • Montclair State University's Center for Entrepreneurship (2016–2021)
    • Women's Entrepreneurship Week
    • Ethical Entrepreneurship Summer Program
  • The Hastings Center (2010–2015) - Bioethics Project
  • ECLC of New Jersey Chatham School (2019) - Ethics in Action
  • Community Foodbank of New Jersey (2022) - Ethics and Economics Summer Program
  • M25 Program Healing Hands of Nebraska (2021–present) - Bioethics Project
  • Girls Scouts of New Jersey (2018–2021) - Teacher Training Workshops