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Think and Engage in Meaningful Discourse
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The Ethics Institute offers age and developmentally-appropriate curricular programming and experiences from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Be Ethical Everywhere
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Students learn how to identify and apply values in everyday situations in order to become ethical leaders and community members.


Partner with Families
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In the form of workshops, discussion groups, and guest speakers, EIKPS provides networking and educational opportunities with experts in the field.


Rethinking Ethical Behavior Online for Oneself Together
Three Kent Place students from REBOOT speaking at Peck School.

The Ethics Institute's REBOOT program is a unique initiative led by students for students that empowers them to take charge of their digital lives. The student leaders engage with and educate the community in a variety of ways.


Ethics Everywhere

The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School is a first-of-its-kind institute at the primary and secondary school level. We believe that promoting the process and practice of ethical thinking and decision-making prepares people of all ages to be effective leaders and compassionate citizens.

What is the Ethics Institute?

Since 2007, the Ethics Institute has offered age and developmentally appropriate curricular programming and co-curricular experiences from Kindergarten through twelfth grade designed to introduce students to the concept of ethics, deepen their understanding of ethical decision-making, and empower them to act with integrity.

Student Programming

We offer meaningful learning opportunities for K–12 students. Our wide range of programming includes ethics in the disciplines, electives, clubs, advisory, lunch and learn events, summer programs, and Ethics Bowl competitions.

Adult Programming & Partnerships

We provide various avenues for families and community members to consider and discuss important ethical issues. Our workshops, chats, and speaker series provide a platform to learn, practice, and promote ethical dialogue and we partner with numerous organizations to provide comprehensive and context-based ethics programming.

Training & Curriculum

We lead professional workshops for all types of educators interested in incorporating ethics in their unique contexts. Training, coaching, and curriculum resources cover topics such as ethics across the curriculum, building an ethical community, and developing core competencies of ethical decision-making, literacy, and leadership.

EIKPS Summer

For Summer 2024, we will be offering one coed Bioethics program for high school students and one for Kent Place students enrolled in our Bioethics course.

Ethics Institute Blog

Our blog focuses on ethics in schools and communities. Here you will find articles highlighting ethics-based programming, educational research on ethics, and ethical issues in current events. We hope to provide resources to support the teaching and learning of ethics and ethical decision-making. 

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